Why the NY Times article “IS JUNK FOOD REALLY CHEAPER?” is total bullshit.

I don’t think anyone else in the fitblr community has covered this yet. I only saw this because it popped up on my gamer blog dashboard but then again I don’t look into other health/fitness blogs too much anymore sadly.

But anyway NY Times posted a article (view it here) in regards to the debate about which is cheaper, Junk food or Healthy food, & they have the following image on the page as well.


The number one thing people have been complaining about is the inaccuracy of the graphic. Mainly the prices & also being realistic about the background conditions when choosing fast food over healthy food.

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Fashion Sneakers vs. Hard Core Sneakers

Any serious runner can tell you what sneakers to stay away from & which to live by, in turn we also can tell the newbies apart from the senior runners by this method. Fashion Runners are sneakers we refer to shoes that are either blingy, flashy, flare, hip, or just fashionable looking. Most sneakers that fit into this category are Nike’s (aside from their spikes), Puma’s, & some Adidas running sneakers.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Nike running shoes, they look great. But would I ever run through a whole track season in them? No way, you’re asking to get injured. Any new marathoner can tell you after they’ve made the mistake, Nike’s are uncomfortable as hell for long distance running. Nike’s are way over priced, & you’re mostly paying for the color & design of the shoe, & of course the brand name.

If you can afford to splurge & have multiple running shoes, than that’s great for you but if you’re looking for a serious trainer shoe to do long runs 5 days or more out of the week, Nike’s are not for you.

I got injured partially because of these shoes in 2010. They are extremely light weight, which in a sneaker usually is a bad thing, at least for trainers. They lack important foot support & cushioning. I got horrible stress fractures in both legs because of all the pounding my legs endured. And the shoes are poorly made, seams coming apart easily. They may be cheaper than Nike’s & other running shoes, but they are one of the worst to run in.

SOME Adidas
I don’t say all, because my first pair of running sneakers were Adidas (I originally thought they were Asics because they looked so similar!). Usually, the more colorful & flashy the sneaker is, the poorer it is for serious running. Some good Adidas running sneakers are Women’s Running adiSTAR Ride 4 Shoes, Women’s Running Supernova Sequence 4 Shoes, Women’s Running RESPONSE Cushion 20 Shoes.

No explanation necessary. If you want one, ask me but really you shouldn’t have to.

Best Brands of Running Sneakers:
*Asics (This is the brand I live by & have running in ever since. They may be plain but you’re going to be beating these up & getting them dirty, so its perfect. They hold up great, & they are so comfortable, offer great support/cushioning.)
-Under Armor
-New Balance

The Different Roads to Fitness

While I was unable to blog I was thinking a lot about different ways to getting fit. And you know what I realized? There are many roads that lead in the same direction, to being healthy & fit. Sounds stupid right? Like who wouldn’t know that?

Many people forget it though & try to make you do something that might not work for you. So you know what? Do what is best for you, listen to your body. If biking isn’t your thing, try something else. If you don’t have time to eat 5 small meals throughout the day, try something else. If you hate running, try something else.

Experiment. Some techniques are not right for everyone & you’ll only end up discouraged. Or you may just believe in different things. I’m firmly against intermittent fasting, but maybe it works for you. I’m also against diet, low-calorie, fat free, ect. foods because they’re not natural & do not work easily with your body. But as far as I’m concerned, there is a lot of sketchy information out there from different doctors that go for either side - so go with your gut & what your body tells you. As long as you’re doing all the basic stuff right, like getting your nutrients & eating enough calories, giving your body rest days, ect. then go for it.

But really when it comes down to it, your basics is just eat lots of fruits, vegetables, lean meats/fish, get sleep, drink water, & be active. That’s all you need to do. What you do in the smaller aspects of each, whether you swim or box, or are a vegan or meat lover, or you’re just a strict all natural person like me, just do what your body tells you. Listen.

Tips for a great School Picture (or Drivers photo ect.)

I thought I’d do my tips for a great back-to-school photo since I know many are taking them this coming week or soon. I thought aesthetics go hand in hand with looking good body wise so here are my personal tips for a great photo :)

1. Wear natural looking makeup
You do not want anything bright & colorful, it should be neutral toned & enhances your natural features. Bright colors do not photograph very well. You want people to recognize you but you want to look your absolute best.

I don’t wear very much makeup on a daily basis, usually just mascara, bronzer/blush & I pencil my eyebrows in - but for school pictures I break out all my makeup. I have good skin naturally but even I put on foundation for school photo’s (think of it as insurance). It’s better to have it on & know that your skin is all evened out & perfect looking than skip it & have bad skin.

Make sure your foundation is your color & tone, put a small bit on your forehead, cheek & neck then look with a mirror in front of a window. If it blends almost invisible onto your skin in all 3 area’s - it’s the one. If it’s too light/dark on your forehead you may need to use a different shade there & blend into the other one. Make sure it has a low or no SPF (it might make your skin too bright), & it’s matte - water based or oil free formula’s are best. Make sure you blend your foundation into your neck as well.

Sweep powder over it to matte it & make it last. Contour your face with bronzer, especially your cheek bones & around your nose - photo’s tend to flatten you. Use a natural looking blush (I usually skip it since there is so much room for error), nothing pink - light salmon color or peach toned will work for almost anyone. Keep your eye’s neutral, a thin line of eyeliner on the top lash line & mascara on the top & bottom, put a little white shimmery eyeshadow in your eye corners to really brighten your eyes. Define your eyebrows, they usually disappear when you take a photo. Wear a natural lip, a little chap-stick will be fine - lip gloss may look too over the top with the flash.

2. Do not wear shirts with anything complicated going on
Anything that has a saying or design on the front should be skipped, they usually will be cut off & nobody will know what it is. Dress according to your background as well. If you have a bright background, go for a more darker color. If you have a dark background, go for something bright. Contrast. All over pattern shirts are good. Layering also is helpful if, like me, you tend to look very broad & wide. Wear a top under a cardigan so it breaks up your shoulder line. Skip tube tops, they squeeze your chest & often you end up with little bulges.

3. Do not’s for the night before
Do not pluck your eyebrows the night before, they still might be irritated when you wake up. Don’t go to sleep late, you will look very tired the next day. Avoid food high in sodium & drink lots of water to avoid puffiness.

4. Do not practice your smile too much
When you over practice your smile it ends up looking fake & forced. Smile with your eyes, even if they end up looking small - you look natural.

5. Whiten your teeth a week in advanced
The worst thing for me is having yellow teeth in photo’s, I always buy the Crest whitening trays & whiten my teeth at least 5-7 days before. That way they get brighter but the days in between give them a chance to tone down & look more naturally white (our teeth are actually really light yellow). Use a whitening toothpaste up to your photo’s as well to combat any foods that may stain & if you have to eat right after you whiten, eat foods that are white or light in color like rice, chicken ect. The enamel of your teeth are more susceptible to staining right after.

6. Wear your hair down
I find that when I wear my hair down, my picture’s almost always come out better. Putting your hair up may make your face look larger or you may look masculine. Wear it around your face, so it frames it.

7. If you don’t have picture’s first thing, bring a bag for touchups
If you have gym that day right before your photo, do not participate. You will not look as good as you did when you started & touching up will be so much harder. Bring a small bag with a mirror, any key makeup items like cover up ect., hairspray, tooth pick, & comb.

8. Do not use too much hairspray
Your hair will look stiff & disgusting. If you want to curl your hair, do it the night before & hairspray it, sleeping on it will give it a more natural look & the hairspray will loosen up so it’s not so stiff.

9. Wear dangly, long earings
Hoops will never work the way you want them in your photo’s, & big earrings distract from your face. Simple, long earrings usually work the best - they draw the eye to your neck & compliment your face. Studs also work great. If you’re going to wear a necklace, nothing big & exciting. A simple design compliments without distracting.

10. Take a picture with flash before you leave
Having someone take a picture of you as if you were posing for it allows you to see if your outfit & makeup work with flash & lets you see any errors you need to fix.

11. Do not try anything new
This almost always ends up badly. If you do want to try something new, do it weeks in advance.

12. Wake up 10mins earlier than you plan & wake up when your alarm rings…the first time
Sleeping in always puts you behind on time & rushing opens the door to messing up. And whether you’re planning on waking up at 5:30 or later, put it 10mins earlier. I plan my time on how much I think it will take me & it usually never works out the way I want it to.

Lastly…have fun! Do not over-think it too much, get lots of sleep & just be you. :)

My picture from last year:

*my mistake was wearing a tube top, & too much hairspray - but it still came out good :)

How to Get Rid of Lower Belly Fat

As girls, most of us struggle to get rid of that lower belly fat. It is possibly one of the hardest places to reduce your fat because that is where most of us store it.

If you’re someone that hates running well sorry to break it to you, but the fastest way to lose that lower belly fat is to run.

Now I’ve felt this burning sensation, similar to that burning you feel when weight lifting but slightly different. I usually only get this when I run for long distances. It’s always in the area below my belly button.

Why do you get this burning sensation? Because running mostly uses (obviously) your legs, but also your core, especially the lower ab region. Your body naturally tightens your core muscles in order to stabilize it when you run. Also as you breath at a faster rate, your diaphragm expands more engaging your stomach muscles as well.

Bottom line:  Go run. Interval training & long distance running both work great.

Learning Self-Love & Why It Matters

Over the past year, I’ve turned from moderately tolerating the way I look or my body to being content with it & embracing my flaws. I know I will never be able to change this, & God made me the way I am. And if I didn’t have those flaws, I wouldn’t look the way I do. I wouldn’t be unique. You probably hear this a lot & for a reason because it’s true, people tend to really like the things you hate about yourself.

Believe it or not, I used to hate my eyes - now I love them. Not many people have green eyes, & with my blonde hair & olive skin, it’s a perfect combination. I used to hate my larger forehead, I still have days where it bugs me but not to the point that I don’t wear my bangs clipped back. Right now, my nose & cheeks bother me sometimes - instead of focusing on those, I look instead to what I love about my face. It blurs out what I don’t like.

I don’t like my large thighs & hips, I hate my height - but those are the things people love most about me. People find my height adorable because I act like a much taller person, my personality makes me tall. And guys, they love my hips because I actually have a butt & curves. Although I am one to hate attention, it’s extremely confidence boosting when you see a guy staring after you with that look - even if he completely ignores you, or you’re at the mall & you see guys check you out.

And one thing that surprises people the most, I hated smiling with my teeth. Absolutely hated it. I didn’t know how to give a good smile. And I felt it just made my face look even bigger & grosser. Well one year I decided to smile with my teeth, I ended up liking the picture I took with my friend so much - ever since then I’ve been smiling with my teeth. And people always give me compliments on my smile, they say it brings out my strong jaw line.

Now some of these I can’t change like my face, but my body I can change. And I am doing just that. I’m not happy with it because it can be better, & by being better I’ll be better at track which I love a lot.

When someone compliments me, instead of denying it I say thank you with a smile. When I’m having a bad day I remind myself it’s not the end of the world if my hair is messed up or I feel ugly, life will go on. If I feel fat or chubby that day, I avoid mirrors & focus on important things or I go workout.

If you believe something is true, you will see that it is true. Believing & admitting that you are beautiful will not make you conceited or stuck up, unless you let it go to your head. I’ve always been a personality/internal beauty over looks - I still am, but I can say that I do think I’m beautiful & not just because of my face or my body, but because of who I am (btw guys love this, when you don’t diss yourself or complain/pick at your appearance).

My guy friends like this most about me, that I prove myself not to be like other girls because I’m low-maintenance/laid back/down to earth. I don’t complain out loud about my looks if I’m having a bad day, I move on & focus on the things that do matter.

Now say it out loud, I am beautiful. Now smile, because I know without looking at you - that it’s true. And I’m not just saying that.

Why discipline works

The discipline that I’m talking about is discipline with food. Now how do you get this discipline?

You ban & cut out all junk & unhealthy food.
Now you might think I’m crazy & that you’ll cheat anyway during this time, that’s the point. While that might not make sense, it does. For me it took two months for me to build up a discipline with food, & I cheated at least twice a week. I’d also have a cheat day, which was my rest day from working out. Sounds bad right?

But as the months passed, I cheated less & less. And after a while my cheat day disappeared. Now I eat healthy, & occasionally I will eat ice cream or brownies. Now after two months of cutting the junk food out completely, I don’t want to have junk food anymore.

But didn’t you feel guilty when you cheated?
Nope, I felt that I deserved it after I ate good the whole week & worked hard. Then after a while, I didn’t want to eat the junk food because I didn’t want to mess up my progress. So all my urges for them went away with time, & with thinking "Yeah I can have it if I want. I worked hard enough for it but do you really want it or do you want to see faster progress by avoiding it?"

With this mentality I can have junk food in my house & not be tempted by it, & if I do have one of those urges for something, I can eat it without overeating.

I don’t know if this made sense to any of you, feel free to ask questions. But point of this is for you to feel like you’ve earned that bad food as a treat & then after a while you’ll stop seeing it as a treat & start thinking about how you’d rather see faster progress than eat that.

Less talking, more running.: Tip #21 - Deadlifts at home, without gym equipment!


So you want to do some deadlifts? Don’t have a gym membership or even gym equipment? No problem!

First way to do it:
This is how I do deadlifts at home, see I have a twin bed in my room & it’s pretty darn heavy with the frame & mattress on it. What I do is I go to the end of the bed & I lift the…